Judgment Day 12 – Dogs versus Cats

Max is a very good cat.

He always uses his litter box.  He hunts down every stray bug in the house.  He comes when I call. He’s a house cat, yet enjoys walking outdoors on a leash. When I pull a string toy for him to chase, he looks like a panther, with these incredibly high and long pounces. One would think that in the debate of dogs versus cats, I’d be firmly in the cat camp.  But this is not the case…

One of the reasons Max is a very good cat is that he exhibits many dog qualities.  In my experience, I have seen few cats come when you call or be OK on a leash. Like a dog, Max enjoys being petted, and will hold a conversation with you, especially if treats are involved.  Most of the cats I’ve met have been stand-offish and like doing their own thing, not hanging out with their owners. I think that cats don’t really care for human companionship.

Article about Purina Incredible Dog Challenge

Not so dogs. They really are man’s best friend, because they always want to be with their owners. Dogs seem far more eager to please than cats do.  I think this makes dogs more trainable. And only dogs have actually given me kisses.  This is a sloppy expression of affection, certainly, and quite possibly beneath the dignity of a feline. But I love how dogs show their devotion to people.  The most love you might get from a cat is a rubbing against your leg as she saunters from one room to the next.

And yet, I haven’t owned a dog.  Once I worked in an office that had a mascot. A sweet golden retriever named Mandy that I took for lunchtime walks.  We’d make a quick bee-line to the park where we both enjoyed chasing squirrels. (Vermin!)  However, it was tedious keeping Mandy from eating every piece of crud on the sidewalk.  And picking up her poop – yuck!

Cats have it over dogs on the poop issue, that’s for sure.  Additionally, cats don’t seem to require as much maintenance as dogs do. And as far as I can tell, it is cheaper to raise a cat than a dog. So although I consider myself a dog person, if the cat is dog-like, as Max is, I’d rather own a cat.  Therefore, the final judgment is a draw – dogs and cats are equally wonderful!


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